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Video Pipe Inspection Services

Why do I need a video inspection?

In the past, blockages in sewer systems were caused mainly by items being flushed into the plumbing system or from tree roots entering the pipe. However in recent years sewer lines have been accidentally torpedoed by newly installed gas lines. Regions now require licensed plumbers to visually inspect sewer lines to avoid puncturing a gas line - a very dangerous situation and a costly one to repair.

Chasles Plumbing Professionals adheres to municipal regulations and always uses our video inspection equipment to ensure your safety and the health of your plumbing system.

What we can tell you from video

Our camera equipment is able to provide invaluable real-time footage of the status of your pipes. We'll be able to pinpoint the exact location of blockage underground. By examining the resultant footage, we can make an assessment of how to best clear or repair the blockage.

By inspecting sewer pipes with our camera equipment we'll be able to show you if:
1) There are sags in the pipe
2) The pipe suffers from a tree root invasion
3) There is a full or partial collapse of the pipe
4) There is a corrosion of pipes
5) The pipe sections are misaligned
6) The source of the clog

The benefit to you

You'll be able to get an honest assessment of your plumbing issue. Save time and money by accurately diagnosing and repairing any blockages or pipe damage.

Let our trained video professionals eliminate the guesswork of where your plumbing blockage occurs.

Video: Travel through the sewer with us!

Video inspections are now required

Prior to snaking drains that exit to municiple sewage systems, plumbers are required to visually examine the cause of the blockage.

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Chasles Plumbing Video Inspection

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