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Trenchless Sewer Repair

We often see situations where homeowners or businesses require a sewer repair/replacement and digging a trench is difficult and/or too costly.

If trees, concrete or pavement are not able to be disturbed, a trenchless solution is likley the best option. We can repair sewer pipes anywhere from 2 inches to 48 inches in diameter (this means all urban and rural sewer pipes).

The Trenchless Process

In simple terms, this type of sewer repair involves lining the sewer pipe with a formed lining. This lining is pulled-in-place and adheres to the existing pipe and has a lifetime of approximately 50 years (that's long!) Pictured below is a cross-section of a pipe that was lined with our hardened material.

Seen here is a cross-section of a 4inch sewer main that has been coated with our liner.

The material contains no volatile organic compounds (VOC Free). It is bi-directionally woven fiberglass spread with epoxy. By using this material, it can conform to many different pipe sizes and shapes. We use special bladders that expand and push the material against the wall of the existing pipe. By doing this, we leave behind no excess material. The finished liner retains strength and thickness regardless of the degree that they are bent.

Below is a badly damaged pipe that has been fitted with our blue liner. You can clearly's as good as new. All in under 4 hours!

Our steam process means that a new pipe can be cured in less than 45 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • + What size drain can you repair?

    We can repair circular pipes from 2 to 48 inches (50 to 1200 mm) in diameter.
  • + Does a pit or trench need to be dug anywhere?

    No. For a 4 to 6 inch (100mm to 150mm) transition, a 3 inch cleanout is enough for us to make the repair.
  • + Do you clean the pipe first?

    Yes. Since it is a pulled-in-place liner that we put inside the new pipe, anything that was there woul stay trapped between the liner and the host pipe forever (ex: rocks, roots, grease). We will flush out the pipe prior to installation.
  • + Why do you use epoxy and fibreglass to form the new pipe?

    Fiberglass and epoxy composites are very strong materials. This allows us to produce a very thin repair that exceeds required standards. This way, the lined pipe does not lose that much of its capacity.
  • + Why do you use steam in the process?

    Steam cure allows better quality control and better working time. Installers can prepare the liner without any rush with our 4 hours of working time. However, once it is in the ground and steamed, in 45 minutes to an hour, you are 100% certain you have a completely cured liner ready to be used, even in colder winter temperatures.

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By using trenchless repair, you will avoid the high costs of repairing or replacing your existing landscaping. Your property appearance will remain unchanged after the sewer repair.

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