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Certified Backflow Prevention Specialists

In city water supply systems, the water pressure is normally high enough to allow water to flow from faucets within homes and businesses. If there is a reduction in this pressure, it's possible that water may enter the system and cause contamination with clean potable water. This can happen when pipes freeze or there is heavy water use in your neighbourhood.

Points in a plumbing system where potable water connects with non-potable water are called cross-connections. When we use the term Backflow, we mean when an unexpected flow of water/liquid reverses into the system. A backflow prevention device will keep this from happening.

Some common sources of backflow are power washers, boilers, hot - these are a constant source of potential backflow hazard. In situations where toxic chemicals are being used (industrial, restaurants, hair salons), it's even more important to have these installed.

Commercial Backflow Testing

It is required by law that commercial units have a certified backflow prevention mechanism installed on-premises. This device must also be inspected on a yearly basis by a certified licensed plumbing professional.

At Chasles Plumbing Professionals, we have the proper certification and license to install and test backflow prevention devices. We'll help you solve any issues you have today and take measures to avoid contamination in the future.

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